Over 40 years, i-D has carved its position as the premier source for fashion inspiration, and in 2012, joined the VICE Media family to expand VICE’s reach into digital fashion content. i-D has come a long way since its beginnings as a hand-stapled magazine and has developed into a leading video-driven platform, documenting fashion, music and contemporary culture from around the globe. i-D reaches an ambitious and creative audience, offering access to the most inspiring names in fashion and exploring everything from high-end couture to underground style scenes.

i-D extraordinary #362 Travis Scott

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    Travis Scott

    Travis Scott unveiled as i-D’s first Spring Issue cover star, photographed by Spike Jonze at his home in Los Angeles. To celebrate the new issue launch, i-D has teamed up with Travis Scott on a i-D x Cactus Jack limited edition merch collaboration available globally in a limited run from today

    Today, fashion publisher i-D unveils the first cover star of its Spring issue, Travis Scott photographed at his home in Los Angeles by Spike Jonze. Scott graces two covers for the issue, including a limited edition cover featuring original artwork by Jonze

    Lu Han

    Lu Han: "I am who I am. I’m quite comfortable with that right now"

    The mega star introduces himself as the mind behind the label Un Garcon Charmant, and discusses finding your rhythm as a creative polymath.

    Prior to Lu Han turning 30 on April 20 last year, he experienced “a lot of anxieties”. It’s not hard to imagine what might be going through the mind of a man who spent his twenties as one of the most recognisable Chinese entertainers in the world. Lu Han’s birthday arrived but, a bit like Y2K, which was meant to plunge the world into computerised havoc, nothing very much happened. “The moment I turned 30,” he admits, “I realised there weren’t too many huge changes, so the lifting of that pressure liberated my mind. I think most people can relate to that.”