Dazed & Confused

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  • After a year of seismic social, cultural and political change, the new issue of Dazed brings truth-telling figures together to ask, ‘What will the future look like?’ These voices remind us, amid the still-unfolding madness of 2020, that “your art and your words have the power to build and tear down worlds of your own making”.

    On the covers, Letitia Wright reflects on the threads that bind Black British protest’s past, present and future with her searing turn in Steve McQueen’s new drama Mangrove. Persona-switching rapper Shygirl imagines new mutant fantasias for nightlife in the UK and beyond, and hip-hop wunderkind Pa Salieu digs deep to find hope with his gritty and playful dispatches from Coventry’s sonic frontlines. Finally, Chinese-Canadian actor and singer Kris Wu lights the way as Louis Vuitton’s new muse.

    When the world has become so hard to predict, it might seem like a strange time to be thinking about prophecies. But, as the poet said to the fashion designer in the pages of this issue, “To be an artist is to be a soothsayer, to be someone who can look into the future, and is building for that. And I think that’s what we do.”

  • - PA SALIEU: “This generation ain’t no joke.” The Midlands rapper lifting British hip hop to a new plane, lensed by Gabriel Moses and styled by Raphael Hirsch in one of Shaun Leane’s iconic pieces for Alexander McQueen