Club Sandwich is an independent annual magazine published in Paris, with bilingual content (French/English). Each issue focuses on a particular food and its cultural and societal representation in various and eclectic fashions. Halfway between a magazine and a book, Club Sandwich shows the multifaceted aspects of its subject as an anthology of informative content infused with humor. With its strong aesthetics, the visuals give rhythm to the publication transforming it into a kind of hybrid that is half journalism, half contemporary art.


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    Did you know: That most chocolate desserts are inspired by landscapes? That the former Ukrainian president is a Machiavellian chocolate baron? That white chocolate is, above all, a matter of social class? That chocolate can be enjoyed following the same principles of oenology? That many soldiers have chocolate in their ration packs, but for different reasons in various countries? That there are hundreds of unique Kit Kat flavors in Japan? Or that the world economy has always been closely tied to chocolate?
    >>> more than 20 articles devoted to chocolate, highlighted by the works of sixty+ artists